Baby Bags

Towards the end of ‘08 I found myself surrounded by friends and family members that were having babies. One of these babies happened to be my niece.

Thought process – Everything is cuter baby sized + I would love to take my niece climbing when she’s old enough = Baby Sized Chalk Bags!! A baby sized chalk bag is the cutest thing in the eyes of a climber… well at least in my opinion J

I ended up making several in one month. I went into it thinking they were just super cute to look at and that they wouldn’t really serve as much more. But, lo and behold! One of my friends that had a baby that year found that they work great as bottle cozies! Awesome Dual Purposing!

I was thinking of naming this line ‘Chalk Babies’ – What do you think? Please comment with any opinions or suggestions.

Not that I should have to say this, but I will – I don’t recommend taking babies climbing and I don’t recommend letting them play with chalk.
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Child Size Bags

There are more and more kids taking up climbing these days and they are all waddling around with adult size bags on their back side. The bags are so big and floppy and to use them the kids have to reach so far down into the bag hat they’re nearly touching their knees. Not very practical for them. While they are supposed to be focusing on climbing, technique, and of course having fun, they are fighting with their chalk bags. At that point, a simple chalking-up becomes a grip fest while they fight with the bag and reach with all their might to the bottom of the bag to get a bit of chalk.

A friend of mine had just signed up his niece into climbing classes at the local gym and felt as I do – that there needs to be child size chalk bags. So he asked if I could make a bag that would fit her. So I made her a super fun pink bag that was slightly smaller around than most and about half as deep. Perfect fit!

All the other climbing gear is made in child sizes why not chalk bags?! It is certainly necessary and the demand can only grow as the number of kids climbing increases. Not to mention kids can be quite picky, and they often obsess about things – favorite animals, colors, Disney characters etc. I feel this is a really good market to expand in and I look forward to making more with great enthusiasm.

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Recycled Clothing (in the voice of an infomercial salesman)

Do you have a favorite shirt or piece of clothing? Something that, if you could, you’d wear it every day of your life? Is it the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Does it hold incredible meaning and sentimental value? Is it the most comfortable fabric to ever touch your skin? Or does it just simply sum up your style ‘to a T’?

Have you out grown that item? Did you wear it so much that it’s all stretched out and can no longer hold a flattering shape? Is it so ratted and holey that you’re better of wearing no shirt at all? What a sad day to realize that you can no longer wear your favorite piece of clothing. What now? It’s too amazing to just throw away! Do you frame it so you can cherish it always? Do you chop it up and make a quilt? NO! You have it repurposed into a chalk bag so you can continue to use it and show it off!

A friend of mine had a shirt that was a wonderfully soft fabric and had featured one of the greatest dogs of all time – Snoopy! Sadly the shirt just didn’t fit him right. So I turned it into a chalk bag and now he can wear it everyday of the week if he wants too! An added bonus is that you don’t have deal with washing it anymore!



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Logo Bags

The first chalk bag I ever made was a Logo bag.

I learned early on that chalk bags become a way for someone to express themselves. With a chalk bag one can show that they like horses or are in love with buzz lightyear or have a wild personality shown by flashy colored bags or are ‘hardcore’ shown by skulls on their bags. I also saw that all the major chalk bag makers liked to express themselves with a rather large logo on their bags. Organic nearly covered their entire bag with a patch of their logo. Arcteryx generally has a solid color bag with their logo printed on the face, etc, just to name a few. With all that, I began to realize that the chalk bags would be great advertising space. Which is a bit strange coming from someone that abhors being advertised to day in and day out…

The company I as working for, when I had my idea of making chalk bags, had recently re-branded and the COO just happened to be a climber. So for our company climbing adventure I made the COO a custom logo chalk bag with the new company logo! A bit of a challenge for my first bag. No practice run or anything.

The idea was a success

A friend of mine has a climbing gym in North Dakota and liked my idea, so he ordered 5 bags with the gym’s logo on it to give away as comp prizes. To do so I printed the logo’s on special fabric that actually runs though a normal ink jet printer.  Then I created 5 different bags with the the logo incorporated into the design or sewn on top as a patch.

I am continuing to explore new ways to include logo’s in the designs. However, I need people that want logo’s on their bags in order to do so. So if you are interested in advertising your gym or organization on chalk bags, or any other type of bag, please contact me!

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Welcome to Carrie Me!

Welcome to Carrie Me, where you can find pictures and information about chalk bags and other items I make.

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