Recycled Clothing (in the voice of an infomercial salesman)

Posted by carrie on February 1, 2011

Do you have a favorite shirt or piece of clothing? Something that, if you could, you’d wear it every day of your life? Is it the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Does it hold incredible meaning and sentimental value? Is it the most comfortable fabric to ever touch your skin? Or does it just simply sum up your style ‘to a T’?

Have you out grown that item? Did you wear it so much that it’s all stretched out and can no longer hold a flattering shape? Is it so ratted and holey that you’re better of wearing no shirt at all? What a sad day to realize that you can no longer wear your favorite piece of clothing. What now? It’s too amazing to just throw away! Do you frame it so you can cherish it always? Do you chop it up and make a quilt? NO! You have it repurposed into a chalk bag so you can continue to use it and show it off!

A friend of mine had a shirt that was a wonderfully soft fabric and had featured one of the greatest dogs of all time – Snoopy! Sadly the shirt just didn’t fit him right. So I turned it into a chalk bag and now he can wear it everyday of the week if he wants too! An added bonus is that you don’t have deal with washing it anymore!



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