Child Size Bags

Posted by carrie on March 1, 2011

There are more and more kids taking up climbing these days and they are all waddling around with adult size bags on their back side. The bags are so big and floppy and to use them the kids have to reach so far down into the bag hat they’re nearly touching their knees. Not very practical for them. While they are supposed to be focusing on climbing, technique, and of course having fun, they are fighting with their chalk bags. At that point, a simple chalking-up becomes a grip fest while they fight with the bag and reach with all their might to the bottom of the bag to get a bit of chalk.

A friend of mine had just signed up his niece into climbing classes at the local gym and felt as I do – that there needs to be child size chalk bags. So he asked if I could make a bag that would fit her. So I made her a super fun pink bag that was slightly smaller around than most and about half as deep. Perfect fit!

All the other climbing gear is made in child sizes why not chalk bags?! It is certainly necessary and the demand can only grow as the number of kids climbing increases. Not to mention kids can be quite picky, and they often obsess about things – favorite animals, colors, Disney characters etc. I feel this is a really good market to expand in and I look forward to making more with great enthusiasm.

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